trying to make drawing fun again by drawing simple things! 
do the mario! ミ☆

"Never forget them." 

i’ve been feeling very blocked recently… trying to get out of it by practicing different techniques. also tried drawing the otp to cheer me up a little (´;ω;`)
the most narcissistic doodle ever
i like my new hair a lot……
lazy days playin some games
(psst guess who’s takin part in an LP channel soon with these ladies!!!)
hey all you cosmic kitties! i recently played space channel 5 for the first time and it was super fun!
decided to try out a more painterly look for this… not sure if it suits me well enough yet, but i wanna keep practicing! *____*
i normally don’t do requests, but recently fantasyomega asked me to do the color palette challenge w/ sonic and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!! happy 23rd birthday sonic the hedgehog, hope ya never stop running!!!! \o/
hero’s cuties commission for my friend wendy-pleakley! forgive me for the delay, i hope this is acceptable! ;; <3
finally got around to doing the color palette meme that’s been going around! this one was requested by uwu a couple of days ago, it was different but really fun! i haven’t drawn actual sonics in a long time please don’t judge me
quick doodle of boom besties amy and sticks!!! \o/
cuz when a new sonic character is announced, i HAVE to humanize her