super rough still life painting from the other day! included are my peach pillow, a ceramic owl, and a log with some autumn leaves and cloth.
nothing really special… just studying lighting/color and how to simplify my shapes!
here’s a simple b/w illustration i did a few weeks ago that i forgot to upload!
this little guy is named sprout! i’m making a comic about him that should be finished later this semester… i’m pretty excited!!! :D
long time no update! 
school has been super busy, but i’m learning a lot! here’s a value painting i did for homework in my concept fundamentals class… there’s a lot more that i wish i could do to it, but other schoolwork calls!
(please click for full view!)
amy doodle that i got pretty carried away with!
i honestly just felt like drawing a cute dress…
perci seems like a really cool character…
naturally i had to make a gijinka of her! :3c

"Never forget them." 

i’ve been feeling very blocked recently… trying to get out of it by practicing different techniques. also tried drawing the otp to cheer me up a little (´;ω;`)
the most narcissistic doodle ever
i like my new hair a lot……
lazy days playin some games
(psst guess who’s takin part in an LP channel soon with these ladies!!!)
hey all you cosmic kitties! i recently played space channel 5 for the first time and it was super fun!
decided to try out a more painterly look for this… not sure if it suits me well enough yet, but i wanna keep practicing! *____*